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Dated: 09/01/2019

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Real estate values far exceed all other combined values of physical currency, digital currencies, stock markets, gold, and bank account deposits worldwide. It would be a natural transition for holders of digital currencies to take their newfound wealth and roll it from cryptocurrencies into real estate as a way to diversify their financial holdings.

Many investors in blockchain networks have made an absolute fortune watching their share prices go from cents to dollars to hundreds of dollars and even tens of thousands of dollars.

Propy, an online international real estate marketplace that allows investors to purchase properties with digital currency, has handled potentially the very first recorded real estate closing and deed transfer using blockchain currency in South Burlington, Vermont.

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Natalia Karayaneva, the CEO of Propy , has said that the company has closed real estate transactions in the Ukraine, and hopes to use their system for deals in California and Dubai soon.

Will this very first blockchain closing in Vermont open the door to the other 49 states? If so,how will it affect title insurance and escrow companies, banks, investors, agents, and speed up the closing process?

We’ll see what happens as more digital money enters the real estate marketplace.

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