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 When it comes to real estate, the ideal time to sell your home often falls in the Spring months. After all, many people prepare for the Holiday Season during the winter months and become too busy with the Holidays to think about purchasing a home. Not to mention that people start shopping in Spring to make sure that they are settled for the new school year.

But there are big benefits of selling your home around the Holidays, granted that you position your home right, There will not be any bidding wars but you will be going to deal with serious buyers ready to buy. There are 6 advantages of selling your home around the Holidays...


Wisdom has shown that people wait until Spring to get the most home sale and start to place their homes on the market. Studies have shown that homes listed around the Holidays can maybe go for more money, but also sell quicker than ones listed in the Spring. One reason for this is less competition, for many reasons people won't put their homes for sale around the Holidays, and the ones that are shopping aren't going to have dozens to choose from, making choices and decisions more serious. In the Spring, inventory picks up, price wars break out, more inventory to see and compete with ...


Around the Holidays is a time when people gather around the fireplace, hot chocolate and the smell of cookies and baked goods abound. When homeowners place their homes for sale, they give off a comfy, cozy atmosphere. Some will argue that a home is hard to show in the winter months due to snow on the ground or the bland curb appeal But keeping the heat up, the smell of pies baking, give a pleasant feeling and keeping the curb appeal clean and neat boosts a home's appeal. Buyers make decisions on the feeling a house conjures up for them. During the Spring months, there is a lot of foot traffic, overlapping of showings and buyers may not be able to do a walk thru the home comfortably, which may leave some frustrated and with a bad feeling about the home.


The end of the year is typically a time when people get notified that they will be moving because of a job transfer. Those individuals need a home sooner and as a result will be house hunting for a new home during the Holidays. These buyers can't wait for the spring, which is why listing during the Holidays can get a home sold and sold quickly. There was a study done from the home search engines Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com that there is a peak in home searches during the Holiday and the winter months.


One of the staples of the Holiday months is decoration, festive lights adorning homes. And it is also true of local communities and main streets. Buyers purchasing during this time see the neighborhood in a different light and season.


Reducing the tax bill is not the main reasons buyers buy a new home, but it could be the reason serious buyers buy during the Holidays. That is because if a home closes before Dec 31 buyers can deduct the interest, property taxes and interest costs of the loan. Tax deductions can be significant and prompt a home buyer to move during the holidays instead of waiting for Spring.


 No one wants their home languishing on the market nor do they want to lower the price they are asking for. Many fear that will happen if they list during the Holidays. But that isn't often the case, you face less competition, more serious buyers and a quicker sales process. It presents an opportunity for a unique environment that you can't have during the spring and summer months.

Ask me  how you can set up your home for sale during the Holidays

Happy Selling!

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